Glycemic response concept is important our healty and to understand postprodial meals react of digestion system. The glycemic response to a food or meal is the effect that food or meal has on blood glucose levels after consumption. Introduced the concept of glycemic index (GI) to classify foods on the basis of their postprandial blood glucose response. The GI is defined as the postprandial incremental glycemic area after a test meal, expressed as the percentage of the corresponding area after an equi-carbohydrate portion of a reference food (glucose or white bread). The interest in an in vitro methodology to estimate this glycemic response has recently increased. Determination of GI in vivo condition has disadvantages with respect to long time, high cost and slow response. The improved in vitro method standardized in our laboratory was used to measure the ratio of starch in Apple pie hydrolysis at different times. Because of advantage of in vitro method such as easier application, lower cost and faster response, we carried out GI assay with in vitro method by using digestion enzymes (1). In vitro digestion system has three steps, oral, stomach and intestine respectively. By imitating human digestion system, we need to digestive enzymes such as α-amylase, pepsin, pancreatin, invertase and amyloglucosidase. The amount of glucose after starch hydrolysis was measured by means of the hydrolysis index (HI) method and using digestive enzymes. The rate of glucose digestion was expressed as the percentage of hydrolysed at different times (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 min) (2). In this study, apple pie purchased in local market is used in daily life across the world in terms of nutritional fact it includes significantly amount of carbs. In terms of diets rich of carbs is by far the most important because of that carbs give energy to us. However, carbs have parameters such an amount of diet fiber, protein and fat. When it comes to amount of inside to carbs, fiber has to be include. We studied about glycemic load (GL) is important concept as much as GI in term of portion (3). We determined that the glycemic index (GI) of apple pie was 70.58 and indicated apple pie as a high GI food. Glycemic load (GL) value of Apple pie was obtained as 37.40 (> 20). 1. Nicolette Gibson, 2010, “Development of a rapid assessment method for the glycaemic index”, MSc Nutrition Thesis, University of Pretoria, South Africa 2. Goñi, I., Garcia-Alonso, A. and Calixto, F., (1997). “A Starch Hydrolysıs Procedure To Estımate Glycemıc Index” Nutrition Research 17: 427-437 3. Brand-Miller J. C., Thomas M., Swan V., Ahmad Z. I., Petocz P. and Colagiuri S., (2003). “Physiological Validation of the Concept of Glycemic Load in Lean Young Adults” Human Nutrition and Metabolism 133: 2695–2696

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