ORP Consultancy and Organization organized and organized on 28-29 SEPTEMBER 2024 will be held in Istanbul will be held in the tenth meeting of nutrition, obesity and public health related activities will be included.

The fight against obesity, one of the most important epidemic diseases of the twenty-first century, is of great importance. Currently, global obesity cannot be cured. The deterioration of the eating habits, the transformation of active life into a sedentary lifestyle in front of screen and computer, and the obesity-related diseases seem to be more marked by this century.

Our congress will give participants the opportunity to share information with others from different disciplines, as well as give participants the opportunity to learn about each other and to produce common works. An international forum for scientific discussion and constructive interaction will be created.

The subtitles that will be determined in accordance with the main theme of the congress will not be limiting, but may include all subjects given below under the themes of nutrition, obesity and public health: Nutrition, Obesity, Health and Sports, Diabetes, Food Safety, Mother and Child Health, Pregnancy and Nutrition, Obesity and Diseases, Women and Obesity

Participants can create a special presentatio on a topic they determine.

The languages of the congress are Turkish and English.

We hope that our congress will be beneficial and efficient for our country and for all the world scientists, and we are honored to invite you to our congress which will take place in Istanbul on behalf of our organization committee.

Prof. Dr. Çetin YAMAN

Congress  Chairman

(Marmara University - Faculty of Sport Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Gülten HERGÜNER

Congress Co-Chair

(Sakarya University of Applied Sciences - Faculty of Sport Sciences)