Hande ERKAYA, Merve ÖZ
Cancer; It is an important public health problem due to its high prevalence, morbidity and mortality risks. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, in 2018 alone, 18.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer and 9.9 million people died of cancer. According to Ministry of Health data shows an average of 163 thousand cases of cancer each year in Turkey. Many methods are being investigated to prevent or even treat cancer. One of the researched methods is breast milk, which is the most appropriate and most natural nutrient that is sufficient for the first 6 months singly, which meets all the nutrient requirements that would normally enable the baby to develop normally. The aim of this study is to collect and compile the effect of breast milk consumed in childhood and the components of breast milk to be used in the disease process in the treatment of cancer diseases. In this context, 15 publications were compiled on the relationship between breast milk and cancer in the last 5 years by using Science Direct, Pubmed and Web of Science databases. In order to support the study, publications that were published more than 5 years ago were also included in this article. As a result of many studies, the positive effect of breast milk against cancer has been mentioned.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Breast Milk, Cancer, Breast Milk and Cancer Relationship